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Best of Bermuda 2014 winner for Best Gas Station


Best of Bermuda 2014 winner for Best Gas Station


Best of Bermuda 2014 winner for Best Gas Station

Save on your Fuel & Give to Charity with the 2021 RUBiS Calendar

St. George’s, Bermuda, 10th November 2020: RUBiS Energy Bermuda Ltd. is pleased to announce that nine (9) local charities will benefit from the proceeds of the sales of their 2021 RUBiS Calendar. As a bonus, every customer who purchases a calendar will be able to use the included Fuel Savers package of monthly specials during 2021.

Mr. Jermaine Simons, Sales Manager of RUBiS, said: “Since 1977, the annual RUBiS Calendar has been a free giveaway to our valued customers. Our team was tasked in reinventing what the calendar brought to the table in values, and the end result was a project that would benefit not only charitable organizations that had been hard hit by 2020, but also our beloved customers who may face some uncertain times in 2021. Although this is a step in a different direction, we felt that donating to Bermuda’s charities, and offering fuel savings to our customers, was the best approach to take in 2021.  


Mr. Simons continued: “Whilst this is a departure from the historical norm of the calendar being free, we are confident that the public will see that the minimal investment of the $5 purchase price will help not only those organizations that improve the welfare of our community, but provide themselves with the opportunity to lock in future fuel savings throughout 2021. We hope this example of community give back will offset any disappointment one may have with the calendar’s price point. In addition, the fuel savings one can achieve with the purchase of a calendar is valued at $34, which is almost seven (7) times the purchase price.”

Mr. Simons continued: “The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a considerable impact on the way of life in Bermuda. Its arrival has meant a change to the way we used to do things. To adjust to this ‘new normal’, residents have had to either engage new methods of practicing traditions or foregoing them completely. The 2021 theme will reflect local traditions, dare we say, of ‘yesteryear’, and how they were celebrated. Each calendar month will feature a clearly identifiable, and relatable Bermudian tradition that has specific meaning for that month”.

Mr. Simons concluded by saying: “Our RUBiS Service Stations operators selected the nine (9) charities which are listed on the front cover. These charities are:

  • Bermuda Bicycle Association.
  • Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • Bermuda Zoological Society.
  • Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Bermuda.
  • Friends of Hospice.
  • Open Airways.
  • A.L.S.
  • Packwood Home; &
  • SCARS (Saving Children & Revealing Secrets).

For the reasonable and fair price of $5, one can have a practical calendar to help plan and organise their days, support a charity and lock-in future savings of $34 from their fuel bill. A win-win for everyone involved. The 2021 RUBiS Calendar is expected in stores on 07 December”.

For more information, please visit our website at www.rubis-bermuda.com.



Mr. Jermaine Simons - Sales Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RUBiS Energy Bermuda 1 (441) 297-1577