Chevron 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3® is a general purpose oil for air and water cooled 2-cycle engines.

Chevron 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3 delivers value through:
• Exceptionally clean engines with minimum
combustion chamber deposits, negligible port
clogging, clean ring grooves, and free rings.
• Excellent rust protection
• Long spark plug life
• Easy mixing and stable mixtures with
gasolines even at low ambient temperatures.

Chevron 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3 is a high quality two stroke engine lubricant that delivers excellent performance in water-cooled and air-cooled applications. It is formulated to provide excellent lubrication and deposit control in a wide range of applications.
Chevron 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3 contains a special ashless detergent designed to help keep piston rings from sticking promoting smooth and efficient engine operation. Chevron 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3 will help keep the engine clean of deposits and will also protect the pistons from scuffing and preignition problems. To enhance storage and transportation safety, Chevron 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3 contains a high flash solvent. This solvent also allows good mixing with gasoline at very low temperatures. It is dyed teal blue for easy identification of fuel-oil mixtures in pre-mixed applications.

Chevron 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3 is recommended for use in two-stroke engines where TC-W3 or earlier general purpose lubricants are recommended. These applications include outboard engines, snowmobiles, motorcycles, lawn mowers, scooters, golf carts, chain saws, and other two-stroke powered equipment.

Chevron 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3 is well suited for engines using oil injection systems with fuel/oil mixture ratios of up to 150:1.
Chevron 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3 has excellent low temperature mixing characteristics that make it suitable for use in cold climate conditions.
Chevron 2-Cycle Oil TC-W3:

• is licensed under the NMMA TC-W3 performance
• is formulated to meet ISO-L EGB (JASO FB) passing
• is formulated to meet API TC requirements for use in
air-cooled two-stroke applications
The mixing chart below is a guide for correct fuel-blend
ratios as recommended by engine manufacturers.