Donax TG is a premium automatic transmission fluid. It is made from blends of Shell's superior quality base oils and carefully selected additives to provide trouble-free, long service life. It is suitable for use in vehicles previously serviceable by Dexron III / Mercon brands and provides enhanced performance and is designed for electronically controlled automatic transmissions.


Passenger Car and Light Truck Transmissions - Donax TG is suitable for use in vehicles previously serviceable by Dexron III / Mercon brands and provides. DONAX TG is also back-serviceable in all GM automatic transmissions and can be recommended where Ford Type CJ fluid or a Ford Type H fluid are specified. DONAX TG may also be used in manual transmissions and in transfer cases of light duty trucks where the manufacturer recommends a DEXRON fluid. It also meets or exceeds the requirements of most European and Japanese manufacturers.

Heavy Duty Transmission Drives and Clutches - Donax TG is a premium heavy duty automatic and powershift transmission fluid, exceeding the requirements of Caterpillar TO-2. It may also be recommended as a power steering fluid where a DEXRON fluid is required and in Allison V-730 series transmissions.

Hydraulic Systems - Donax TG exhibits truly superior anti-wear hydraulic performance. Donax TG meets the requirements of Denison's HF-1 and HF-2 specification for hydraulic pumps. Many mobile equipment operators use Donax TG as hydraulic fluid where an ISO 32 viscosity grade is specified.


Outstanding Low Temperature Fluidity - Donax TG's viscosity index improvers and pour point depressants ensure needed fluidity at start-up especially for critical modern electronically controlled transmissions.

Outstanding Frictional Characteristics - Donax TG is designed with outstanding frictional characteristics to prevent clutch slippage, even under high loads. Slippage can lead to excessive heat generation and potential transmission failure.

Excellent Oxidation Stability and Corrosion Protection - Shell's high quality base oils, in combination with oxidation inhibitors, now provide even better sludge and oxidation control at high temperatures, resulting in long fluid life.

Premium Anti-Wear Performance - Donax TG protects against wear in both transmission and hydraulic service to provide long component life.

Minimizes Deposit Formation - Contains detergents and dispersants which effectively control deposits and help keep the transmission clean.

Seal Compatibility - Controls swelling, hardness and tensile strength of elastomers. Reduces potential maintenance costs caused by leakage and replacement of seals.

Easily Recognized - Donax TG is easily recognized by its red dye to distinguish transmission fluid from engine oil.


Donax TG is recommended for the following specifications and requirements:


Product Code


ASTM Method




Pour Point °C


D 97

Flash Point, C0C (Deg °C)


D 92


cSt at 40°C

cSt at 100°C





D 445

D 445


cP at -40°C


12 900


D 2983

Viscosity Index


D 227

* Donax is a Registered Trade Mark - Shell Canada
® Dexron is a Registered Trade Mark - General Motors
® Mercon is a Registered Trade Mark -Ford Motor Company