Electronic Refillable Gift Cards for Ultra Tec fuel purchases.

Ways to Pay

This NEW RUBiS Gift Card can be redeemed at ANY RUBiS Service Station.
It's fast, convenient and easy use.

• Purchase a card and load it with any value you choose;

• Redeem it for Bermuda's best quality fuel - ULTRA TEC - at your favourite RUBiS Service Station,
  for whatever available amount you want to use;

• Refuel the card at any time with additional credit;

• If you forget how much value remains on your RUBiS Gift Card, you can check using any of the following methods:.

  1.  Go to any RUBiS Service Station or Marina, and request the cashier to check the card’s balance;

  2.  If in the City, visit Bermuda Gas in Washington Mall, and request the cashier to check the card’s balance;

  3.  In your free time, use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the reverse of the card:

            a.   iPhone users can use the Wallet app (auto-installed on most iOS mobile devices) and select Scan Code;

            b.   Android users can use the Barcode Scanner app.  This app is free to download from the Google Play store;

  4.  Gift Card holders can check your balance by clicking on this link. 

    Check your Electronic Gift card balance here.

In addition to being available at every RUBiS Service Station, the RUBiS Gift Cards are available at our Head Office in Ferry Reach and at the Bermuda Gas Office on the Upper Level of the Washington Mall.

Get RUBiS. Get Giving.